Our bottling operations are also carried out at the Sansarpur Terrace facility Himachal Pradesh. Since humble beginnings of setting up the plant in 2015, we are currently bottling 1.5 lac cases per month, with plans in place to expand the capacity. With 5 bottling lines for IMFL and Country Liquor, and having the provisions for chill filtration as mandated by global brands for premier blended spirits, we have ties with many popular brands. Our bottling plant is fully automated, ensuring the elimination of contamination due to human error.


At PAPL we believe that given the fact that the products we produce and bottle are for human consumptions either via the pharmaceutical industry or the beverage alcohol industry, we have an obligation to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the quality of the final product. With total automation, adoption of regular technology updates and stringent quality control measures in place we have been able to ensure the production of the finest quality of alcohol and ENA. We have made significant investments to develop a fully equipped lab for in house testing and quality control, including Centrifuge machines, Gas Chromatography Machine and Digital Alcohol meters.


At PAPL we believe in ethical growth that ensures prosperity for all. Our facility meets all the government and industry specified compliance standards. When you partner with PAPL, you are assured of bottled products that are compliant the highest Pharmaceutical and beverage alcohol purity and certification requirements. PAPL is ISO and FSSC certified. We employ processes for zero discharge of effluents to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Environment and Forest guidelines. Please click here for our compliance details.

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